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Only the finest, high-quality leather
is used on our Leather Lounges.


High Quality and Unique



Choose from the latest look in cow-hide
lounges, chairs, beds and ottomans.
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We make

Unique Chairs

Lounge Chairs, Ottoman, Dining & Office!


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Holy Cow Company

Please keep in mind all NATURAL cowhides (hair on hide leathers) have marks, patching and or some sewing in them. These markings are naturally inherent in cows, if the cow hides are real and natural, they will all have some markings whether it be branding marks or marks that happen during processing, some are just from cows running into trees or barbwire, or simply getting horned by other cows, a part of the animals life.

It is said that the better cowhides come from Brazil, South America and Argentina, this is simply because these two country’s have the best tanning facilities in the world, whilst we buy most of our hides from these countries we also buy locally if they are of high quality and well priced.

All natural hides will wear eventually although they are well known for outlasting our lifetime.
We take the time to explain this since you are not looking at them in stores and displayed in front of a visual environment.

Most naturally tanned leathers are free from such marks, however there may be in some instances slight markings, which we prefer to leave in the finished product giving it an even greater natural, feel to the furniture.

You would intuitively know that these markings are simply part of being a cow.

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